Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Not much notice

Why do I sometimes feel that all the people that make home and school decisions are stay at home moms?? I guess my number one reason would be the lack of notice they give anyone but their inner circle, sigh. Case in point, bizarre organization, a whopping 2 days notice, some of us do exist that actually plan our weeks well in advance to juggle housework/kids/work/evening appointments so as not to take time off of work, thankfully I'm not a working mom with shift work either, 2 days just isn't enough and frankly inexcusible when you can post said information on the schools website. They want their wreath campaign to be successful, well how is is going to be when I just received it at 5 yesterday and have to have it in Thursday when Alex goes to school? It's too bad as I probably could have sold quite a few at work where the prices are pretty good in my opinion, I think I paid15-20 the last time I bought a wreath and this time I'm getting a the big puppy as well as a swag for the side door for the same price, much better ;)

Last night wasn't as stitchiy a night as I was hoping, however I did get lots of quality little boy time so that made it all worth while (and I even won for once at Candyland!!). Tonight there will definitely be some stitching going on as Smallville's on and I might as well start getting caught up on my taped shows ;)

15 more sleeps until we leave for retreat!


Faith Ann said...

That's ridiculous! Someone must have known in advance so that you could have had at least a week...and been told ahead of time so you could have scheduled some time for it.

Shannon L. said...

You've got to be kidding me. Don't they realise how much more they'd sell if they gave even an extra couple of days ? Unbelievable.

I can almost smell the wreaths though... How long do they last ? I'm assuming their real ? Verrryyy tempting. *sniff sniff*

Katie said...

I don't know what was going on, the girls at daycare had them on Friday so they at least had the weekend. And yes they're real, balsam fir, I'm getting soo excited for Christmas and am definitely looking forward to deliver them as my car will smell all pine (or in this case fir) fresh!!