Tuesday, October 18, 2005

To Tell The Truth

Yay, I love dealing with people that are less than truthful! I finally got ahold of the school board transportation director yesterday afternoon and wow, what a story he was told. Thursday she told me she wanted to move the bus because of the guy across the road wanted to drive over (instead of having his kids picked up 4 minutes earlier) then Friday it was 'he's having a hard time getting up in the morning', to which I pointed out how unsafe the other exit (it's a U driveway to an apartment complex) was to which she agreed only to call school board to request the change anyway a couple hours later. Apparently she told school board that all parents had agreed to the change, hello?? and that her kids had been crossing the road all year and that was dangerous. They have been picked up every morning at the same time on the other side, so yay, school has introduced a busy bodied liar into my daily schedule, great! Eventhough I had the stop changed back I'm surprised that they would change it based on one woman's word and without physically assessing the safety for ALL children getting on the bus. This morning I dropped Alex off elsewhere just to avoid the wingnut when she was told the final decision.

Last night Alex and I stopped at Tracy's for her Creative Memories sell off, I picked up alot of neat stuff for my wedding album. Alex followed her 11 year old everywhere and wanted to move in, sigh... After supper, homework, bath, bed, I finally got to watch Mr Deeds which I'd borrowed from Angela. My goodness I laughed, especially where Deeds was saving the cats from the burning building. I stitched some as well although my get up and go for this ornament has got up and left. I stitched in the wrong colour for a little bit last night and will need to check my DMC book to see if there's much of a colour difference between 553 and 554, sigh. I don't find the one that I stitched in coordinates that well with the adjacent colour but I can't see one shade making that big a difference, it's more of a conflict of hue.

Tonight I have nothing on the schedule, hopefully mom is coming to visit tonight which would be nice. Eventhough we saw mom and dad on Thanksgiving it was kind of hectic so it'll be nice to have a quality visit. I'm sure she'll hear all about Alex finally getting to be the class leader yesterday which he's been waiting to be since school started. He was soo proud yesterday!!

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