Friday, October 21, 2005

A Fruitless Hunt

Sigh...Tuesday Alex's good Gap hoodie (which looked ultra cute) didn't come home, which has happened a couple times before. After it didn't come home Wednesday I sent a note to school and it's not there and not at afterschool care, he knows better than to take it off on the bus but we'll still check there but I'm pretty bummed. If it wasn't part of his first day of school outfit I wouldn't be nearly as cheesed at the possibility that it got sent home with the wrong kid, eventhough I labelled it, sigh...

I missed Stitchy night Wednesday but got to spend it shopping with my mom which was fun++, I found an awesome present for Alex to boot. I did get to drop in for a bit as Lucy had offered to send the deposit cheque for me and I had money to drop off and pick up, plus my finished projects to show off for a little bit ;) I was glad to hit the sack that night as we'd been to a grueling body pump class at lunch.

Last night after groceries/supper/bath/bed I logged into Warcraft for a bit with Matt and openned up my R&R Reproductions Java Moon for the Samsarah ornament this year and I don't know what they did in the dyeing process but the whiff of whatever it was when I openned the bag almost knocked me out (well just a wee bit of overdramatization there ;)), but it did stink. After working on his belly for a bit it didn't stink as badly. I'm hoping I can finish what threads I have for him this weekend and just be waiting on my 'straglers' order from Janice ;) I think everyone will know when it comes in as I'll be posting finishes left right and center (I'd rather wait than sub threads if possible).

Today's a pretty clean slate, there's the option of going to the newbody class at lunch but I'll wait and see what mom's doing, I do the same routine week after week so having a week to do something different and get some visiting time in makes being flexible fun ;)

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