Monday, October 24, 2005

Busy as a Bee

This weekend went by so quickly I think I blinked it away. I feel so spoiled that we've had my mom in town for almost a week!! Friday we headed over to my grandmothers for some most excellent spinach tomato lasagna and called it an early night as Alex seemed a bit tired from all the extra attention.

Saturday we got up and put in one of the two new 7 day programmable thermosats, thermostat 2 was more of a problem than the other three as we ran into trouble in the bathroom, more wires than expected and a thermostat directly wired into the box and not on a breaker (leading to very ticked off Matt, a trip to Kents, no power for a couple hours, etc). After Matt returned home I finally planted my fall bulbs, all 63 of them (tulips, daffodils, crocus and something else...can't think of the name right now) just to stay out of the warpath ;) That afternoon we headed up river with mom and gram to visit my great aunt which was neat, I got to look through some very old leather bound albums of my grandmother's ancestors picks. Alex was having fun playing with one of my late great grandmother's stuffed bears and was perplexed by a racoon pelt that was there.

Saturday night we got out for a movie which was fun, something Matt and I haven't done in a long time!! Sunday morning I finally got to talk to the minister and we'll be confirming the date with the church this week, yippee!! We then headed over to gram's and this visit I noticed that she now has my late grandfather's RCAF tags on display as well as a pair of baby moccasins that were hers (what a great history weekend ;)) . We picked up my brother (and got to visit the Degus) and headed to the Snooty Fox, yum! In transit I hit a squirrel, sigh, but he appeared fine as he was climbing the tree when I looked back :( I had their stuffed chicken supreme which is sooo good (chicken stuffed with spinach, feta cheese and garlic with a red pepper sauce), while mom tried out their roasted veggie sandwich. I love that place!!

Sunday afternoon was quiet, as was the evening, just some stitching (pulled out The Wedding again) and watched Cold Case and Desperate Housewives (where smallville was last night I don't know :() I talked with Lisa for a bit about wedding details and Alex called mom on her last night in town to wish her good night, then we talked for a bit more. I've really enjoyed being in the same town with mom even if it's only temporary ;) Tonight will be all about stitching after Alex goes to bed, I'm sure he'll be pretty pooped as he has a field trip this morning down to the Country pumpkin, I hope it stays dry!!

Only 17 more sleeps until we leave for retreat!!

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