Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rita Skeeter Returns!

I have now renamed 'crazy bus stop mom' to Rita Skeeter, when she showed up at the bus stop (to drop off mittens for her son) today my stomach did a flip flop. Why Rita Skeeter, well for anyone who's read at least the 4th Harry Potter book they'd know that (unless there's some epiphany at the end of the book that I still haven't gotten to, hopefully today on the elliptical...) she's someone who takes and ounce of the truth and twists it into a tonne of tabloid news. So today instead of having our little mother son talk at the bus about our days I kept the conversation on quick little facts about our surroundings, I think Alex may have sensed this as it was the first time he's ever shouted back 'have a great weekend mom!' Why weekend I don't know but it sure made me smile. :)

Last night was a stitchy night, supper was a breeze as it was the one day a week to delve into the B-grade pizza box that showed up last week, yum! Then I headed over to Faith Ann's to pick up my ultra cool pumpkin cottage and I finally got to see the house which is so nice, I loved the colours. I'm soo going to paint some of mine after this wedding!!

I did get some stitching in last night after Alex went to bed, story time ran into the beginning of Smallville so we read the last couple pages in the living room. Alex wanted to watch too as he's pretty obsessed with superheros but thankfully as soon as he said that it was a commercial break so he was scooted to bed. I then parked my tooshie on the loveseat and stitched away at the weddding. I think this is going to be the first pattern I make a working copy of to mark up! I dropped by the computer room on my way to bed and logged my character in to pick up her Robes of Arcana and headed to bed.

I'm really not looking forward to grocery shopping tonight, not one little bit! Thankfully I don't need that much as with the trip to gram's for supper friday and the bgrade last night I have two meals to carry forward to this week, yay! Less planning!


Faith Ann said...

Awwww thanks... it goes to show that I didn't pick the colour scheme because everything would be way too boring!

I'm delaying my grocery shopping misery this mom brought casseroles for the next two nights.

Angela said...

The Rita Skeeter thing is too funny! Looks like you're going to make your goal of finishing the book before the movie comes out ;)