Thursday, October 06, 2005

One of Those Days

Yesterday I had myself pretty worked up about this whole 'surgical' option, then I picked Alex up at daycare and the mother who doesn't strap her kid in (and in my opinion shouldn't be allowed to reproduce) shows up and started to lecture Alex which I put an end to, she won't lecture her own kid but attempts to lecture mine who was only helping pick up her daughter's mess??? Anyway, I was still talking to Tracy and left about 10 minutes later. There was 'mother who should not be allowed to reproduce''s baby out in the car running all that time, abject idiot. We then headed to the coop for groceries and arrived home to Matt painting the deck, now we just have the floor and posts to do!! Yay!

I was pretty fidgety as even though I told the assessment clinic I was going for a second opinion there was a letter in the mail booking me, arghhh.... Yay and an appointment for testing that they never bothered to mention. Then I logged into my computer and there was a letter stating that they wanted to screen me for the bilingual position as opposed to the english I wanted, just what I need more stress! I've retained my comprehensive french the 10 years I've been out of school but its my level of communication back that needs work, sigh... I managed to finish stitching the hem stitch on my needleroll, sewed the seam and stuffed it. An ornament for me and an ornament for retreat are now done, yippee!!!

Well off to see if I can get referred for a second opinion!

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Faith Ann said...

Good luck getting a second opinion.

Sorry you had a rough day yesterday...hopefully things will be more positive today :)