Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Whoa, what a weekend!! I think I need another long weekend just to recoup ;) We spent most of Saturday/Sunday doing that extra little bit of cleaning, dusting the blinds, stripping the beds and doing the prep work for the meal, peeling the potatoes, making and cubing the bread for stuffing, chopping the onions, making pre dinner munchies and some squares. Sunday afternoon Alex and I took a little break and headed over to Green Village to check out their annual halloween maze. Alex thought it was just great. Then we got some icecream and checked out their halloween decorations, picking up a bat wind twirly thing to hang where the hummingbird feeder is in the summer. They've started to get their christmas decorations out but the big trees weren't up yet so I saved my mailing list gift certificate for another trip ;) Monday went off without a hitch, with the exception of the after meal conversation, I swear if one more person suggests I elope I'm going to scream. It wasn't my decision to wait this long to get engaged so why should I give up on my dream wedding, some people's lack of enthusiasm about the wedding really riles me up! Thankfully my two new 7 day programmable thermostats arrived thanks to dad so I had those to play with after everyone left. Now we just need two more for the master bedroom and Alex's room :)It's so nice to be able to save energy and wake up to a warm house!!

On the stitching side this weekend was surprisingly productive. I finished my Joy Needleroll and just need to pick up some ribbon to ornamentify it, all the finishing sewing is done. My Silkweaver bundle arrived on Friday so I started on my Love needleroll only to realize my Needle Necessities was AWOL so I had to put it down after 2.5 bands (mind you I found it Monday, after spending the weekend convinced it was at work), after that I started Britty Christmas Kitty, working over one when you've been cleaning all day isn't nearly as relaxing!! Britty should be done this week and Love should be done minus the Rainbow Gallery Fyrewerks and pearl petite treasure braid I'm waiting for. I've decided to take the entire month off of stitching the wedding and working on ornaments, I should have a fair showing for retreat ;)


Faith Ann said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving (minus the "elope" comments...it's really nobody's business and you are entitled to have whatever kind of wedding you want!).

It sounds like you made lots of stitching progress...I'll be anxious to see all of your ornaments after a month of focusing on them...there should be plenty!

Shannon L. said...

If you want a wedding, then you should have a wedding ! It's your day, after all.

Sounds like a good turkey day and weekend ! :)