Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Another Movie Night!

Well maybe we weren't out on the town last night but when I arrived home Matt suggested we go for a walk to the Esso and grab a movie for later, knowing that Batman Begins came out last week...So while the roast continued cooking away in the slow cookier we headed over and there were a couple widescreen copies left, yippee!! My poor legs, after a brutal step class walking to the store wasn't as carefree as usual, they felt like lead!! After supper and convincing Alex that roast beef may look stringy when it's tender but really tastes good we made some pumpkin chocolate chip 3 pt muffins and he headed to the tub. He and Matt were reading a story by the time I got my shower and it was off to bed for him. We then settled in to watch Batman but due to the darkness of Gotham my stitching got cut short really quick ;) Oh well, a stitching break here and there never hurt anyone ;)

Today doesn't have anything on the agenda, I may skip the gym as I'm getting a cold and just read Harry Potter as I really need to finish it up before the movie comes out. Tonight I'm hoping to get caught up on at least one taped show before bed which may even be possible before Alex heads to bed where supper is late on evenings Matt's driving ;) Then it'll be trying to finish another chapter of Harry, stitching on the wedding and heading back to bed. ;)


Faith Ann said...

Why don't you come to my house some night and convince my son that it's okay for roast beef to *touch* his tongue? How did I get such a picky eater? LOL

Katie said...

LOL, it's only in the last 6-8 months that Alex has started eating anything other than cottage cheese, applesauce, yogurt or fries ;)