Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Maid of Honor Happy Dance...

Omigosh, I've been asked to be a maid of honor!!! I'm sooo excited. I've never been in a wedding before (besides reading), yippee!! I was so excited just about the engagement and I found out about that a day ago that I'm pretty darn bubbly now!! Then to top it off Matt gave me a date tonight, so here I am waiting not so patiently for the church office to open at 9!

As for stitching I did do some last night, I have the hearts at the top of the Jeanette Douglas Love needleroll stitched in, and one snow flake (actually the cardinal is done but needs to be restitched due to an off by one, I dislike stitching over one, error which then put the other snowflake off). I also think I'm going to redo the twill stitch to get the same diagonal effect that's on the model. So essentially after lost tonight I should have everything (maybe even some of the hemstitching) done and just be waiting for my RB threads to arrive.

Tonight should be pretty relaxed, as was last night, not having to cook for two days straight is a godsend!


Shannon L. said...

Katie, where do you order the RBG threads from ? Just curious. One of the LNS in Toronto carries them, but not a good selection. Can't find a decent place to order them from.

Congrats on being a Maid of Honor ! :D

Faith Ann said...

Congrats on being a maid of honour!! (Or will you be a matron of honour by then?)

I *really* dislike stitching over one. There are a few ornaments that I need to see how big they would be if I stitched them over 2 instead...if they have to be over 1 to look right, I'll rethink stitching them.

Katie said...

Shannon, I usually order my RBG threads from out of Ottawa but even they were out of the red hologram fyrewerks so I got them ordered in from out of Calgary, I find Janice is alot more prompt about ordering in specialty threads that she doesn't already carry.