Friday, October 14, 2005

Stressed To The Max

My goodness, my stress level is through the roof! Why oh why couldn't Matt listen to me when I told him you needed to book things in advance+++, right now we've possibly got a room on the 20th of May but there is one couple that had it tentatively booked before us, however the hotel can't get ahold of them to get the confirmation cheque so I don't know how that's going to go. Right now I have the hotel tentatively booked for the 13th, which doesn't give me much breathing room between maid of honour duties but I've got a fiancé that doesn't want to budge, grrr....

Then I get a call yesterday from 'dream job' that they need someone even better than my supervisor, do people not realize that not all organizational structures are the same?? I rarely see my manager and to do my review my supervisor provides him with all the info. Let alone HR seemed to think I could just track him down like that, HAH! that was at 3 yesterday and he's STILL in meetings. I've decided with the surgery and wedding stress that I'm in no frame of mind to certify for bilingual so I have to break it to them that I only want to be put in for the anglophone position, between med tests and appointments and actual work meetings and training I really can't take anymore time off. Ughhh...

Then yesterday at the bus one of the fathers wanted to move the bus stop as he 'couldn't make a left' to get home (from a U driveway, turn your friggin car around). He yelled at me this morning when I took my son to the regular stop to which I replied that unless he went through school board to get it approved which he never would due to safety concerns I was staying put. The bus comes to the other side of the road stop 3 minutes before ours if you can't get up 3 minutes earlier then drive your kids to school, don't endanger other peoples kids by putting the bus at an angle where it's end is too close (but not directly in the line of vision) to a joining street so that turning traffic can't see the lights. Good grief.

With all that I was stressed to the max by the time I got home last night, I put a frozen pizza in the oven which I rarely do..., after we ate I laid down for a bit before the christmas bazarre meeting and slept through half of it so I decided not to go. Instead I finished stitching what I need to on the LOVE needleroll, found the remainder of the threads for Britty Christmas Kitty and then headed to bed. Here's hoping I get ALOT of stitching therapy on the weekend!!

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