Friday, September 30, 2005

A Stitchy Night :)

Finally some stitching peace and quiet last night! I really needed it after arguing with the hospital at 4. They weren't too happy I wanted a second opinion but that's my business, nor were they happy that I outright refused a surgical biopsy and stated I was willing to travel for less invasive procedures. It really ticks me off how little information they have for younger women that are still of childbearing age hopefully another surgeon will have more input. Ok enough ranting (at least I can kind of let my flood gates go here without the 'well you should go anyway')

Ok, back to stitching ;) I was hoping to catch Joey at 8:30 like it was all last season on Global but no it was Without a Trace, so we popped in Battlestar Gallactica for half an hour, watched Joey on NBC and then finished Battlestar (evil producers putting an even better cliff hanger in than last season's finale and the wait for it's resolution will be even longer!!!!! Save the Chief! oh yeah and the Cylon loving Helo too...) Then we decided to check out Night Stalker which was pretty creepy, I've gotten pretty board with CSI, I really didn't like it when they split up the team last year. This lead to quite a bit of stitching, I even got to play with my new NN Kreinik overdyed. I just have some NN Blue is blue to stitch in on 2.5 bands and I'm done, hopefully it'll show up today or Faith Ann will come across it in Moncton. I'm so impressed with the Jeanette Douglas needleroll, I wasn't when I first started but now that there are some specialty stitches and fibres I'm completely in love :)

Tonight Cathey's coming over to stitch, after we head to Boston Pizza. Matt's off to a poker night tonight and golfing in Florenceville tomorrow so we won't see him until late Saturday night. Tomorrow we have an ornament finishing day so I've been stocking up things for Alex to do so he can tag along. I might pick him up a beginner cross stitch kit at lewiscraft incase he catches the bug. Thankfully there's also a tv with a vcr there so I can dig up some of the disney flicks to bring ;) I'm going to be making my pineapple chicken in black bean sauce dish for our potluck which is always yummy!! I'm so looking forward to some girly time!! (oh and spending some quality time with Alex too...)

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Faith Ann said...

Yup...there's some NN Blue is Blue in your bag of goodies from Moncton :)