Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lack of Communication Creates Work

Oye! Last night I came home to the answering machine blinking away, it was Alex's school looking for his immunization charts which I'd submitted last September when he was registered at his zone school. First place to logically check, district office! Nope not there call the zoned school they say. So I called the zoned school to get 'the alternate placement school needs to fill out forms to request the files', after I politely asked why they'd have called my house looking for them instead they finally offered to send them over. Why isn't this information centralized so they don't spend time and money (and waste my time) transferring this stuff and why oh why can't these two government departments link their data to avoid this hassle in the first place?? That just might make too much sense!!

Last night didn't yield any stitching, my head just was not in it after a series of frustrating events so I logged into warcraft for a big and headed to bed. Today I'm finally getting my hair trimmed as right now where I've been growing it out for the wedding the layers almost meet with the bottom, making it look like Alex did my last hair cut. I can't wait to crop it up again after the wedding!! I do have the second needleroll packed away in my purse so I can attempt to hemstitch away while it's being cut where that stitch is so mindless!!

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