Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Finished Pics!

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Jeanette Douglas's Peace Needleroll-JCS 04

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Shepherd's Bush Merry Season

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Shepherd's Bush Witches Moon

Last night turned out alot more quiet than expected, our movie plans went bust so I actually got some of the pre-company cleaning done. Does my oven ever sparkle!! ;) Yesterday I also got the photos of Alex's first day of school developed which I'll post later so there isn't picture overload.

I got my hair cut at lunch finally, yippee and picked up the Turkey and Varsol (great combination) after work. After Matt got home we ate and played with Alex until bed time, reading Green Eggs and Ham yet another time and then logged into WoW after tucking Alex in. Darn Major League baseball pre empting Bones!! I did manage to get the hem stitch in on one end of needleroll #2 and hope to have that assembled tonight unless of course we manage to reschedule Serenity for tonight ;)


Shannon L. said...

You finishes are fabulous. I've never seen those SB's before. I tend to avoid their site, otherwise I'd be broke. LOL And is that what JD's Peace ornie looks like ? Much better than the magazine pic ! Gorgeous colours :) Congratulations !

Faith Ann said...

Those look fantastic!! I can't wait to see Merry Season at the next stitching night.

(I have all of those in my stash but haven't stitched any of them.)