Sunday, October 30, 2005

Good bye Daylight Savings Time

Well, having an extra hour to sleep is always good, and we needed it Saturday night as Alex needed to sleep in our bed after 4, he's just so wiggly and I'm not one to share my pillow!

We had a very nice weekend and productive. I raked a portion of the yard Saturday while Matt resealed some shingles and trimmed the tree that was rubbing against the house when windy. The boys went to get their hair cut and I went on a fruitless boot hunt but did find Alex some Christmas jammies ;) Saturday night I went to bed at 10 after getting mad for stitching in the wrong colour, after picking up what I thought was the rest of the white thread but when I put it under my mock ott-lite it wasn't the same, probably one of the shaders.

Due to our unexpected bedroom guest we didn't make it to church this morning but did attend the area's neighborhood watch halloween party. Alex had a great time roasting weenies, playing games, chasing the other power ranger and facing off against the three darth vaders. He even came in second place in the guess the weight of the pumpkin contest and won himself a cheeseburger and fries from mcdonalds. We also carved pumpkins today, we had so much fun carving our big one that we carved our two decorative pumpkins too! I have a tonne of seeds to roast when I find my recipe!! I also made some really good low fat/low cal pumpkin muffins out of Crazy Plates, much moister than my weight watchers recipe for them and for about the same points. I've done some frogging and stitching tonight as well as set up for the trick or treaters as I won't be getting home first tomorrow night. Now off to bed...

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Faith Ann said...

Those jammies are so cute!!

I had a bit of a froggie weekend too...very annoying. Other than that, sounds like you had a great weekend!