Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Haunting

Wow....it's finally over! I'm one tired momma this morning that's for sure. We started off the night at about 5:30, Alex was a bit too excited and was running and not being very careful, which lead to me barking and I HATE doing that. After about 8 houses I heard a big crash, when the door was openning the kids shuffled and Alex fell between a small open section between someone's deck and house. He ended up with only a scratch and was ok, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as he slowed down and was alot more aware of his surroundings after that. Trick or treating went much smoother after that.

At about 7 we parted ways with Tracy and her girls and Laura and her daughter and headed for a quick detour to Faith Ann's. I parked down on the road so Alex could get some real use out of his flashlight instead of randomly pointing it at objects. We were about 10 steps away from the door when he said "Mommy, this is one of your cross stitching friends isn't it" (ie: mommy, I know you want to talk stitching but keep it short as it's my trick or treating night). We'd brought treats for her little guy as Matt was late getting home and missed them on their trick or treating run. Alex was over the moon about his Zwak punch, and asked for it for breakfast this morning (good thing I'd put it in the fridge last night). On our way back to the car Alex made a b-line for the playhouse which he thought was a halloween haunted house ;)

We finally got home and Matt had been creative with our jack's, putting the two smaller ones around the walkway. He'd arrived home late so he'd missed the kids, I never thought I'd see the day when I received less kids than my parents who were up 700% at 7 kids! We put our cauldron of candy out beside our witch and headed out to do part of our street. We even got to meet the new people on the block who are our age, yay! Alex got to pick one candy before bed, brushed his teeth and passed out and I wasn't too far behind him, briefly reading some Potter before drifting away to sleep (darn time change). Poor Matt wanted to watch a spooky movie but I was beat and tired...this weekend perhaps.

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Faith Ann said...

Alex should have been very happy... you kept your visit short :)

I was soooo tired last night too and we only trick-or-treated at 3 houses! So I can imagine how tired you must have been.