Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Night Out

Last night I got a few and far between night out with Eleni to stitch. Gas went up to 119.9 a litre and supposed to go up to 1.30 overnight tonight so trips for 'me' will be fairly limited in the next little while. It was fun seeing what a household is like with two small kids. Callie's vocabulary amazes me (I know Alex was talking at two but I can't remember if it was as structured as hers, and only after 3 years) and Jackson is just too cute, I miss baby coos around the house. Although as a trade off I do enjoy the sleeping in that a much more independent Alex lets us do. I stitched on the Dragon Dreams Morning Fairy from Nashville '05, I'll be wrapping that up tonight watching Battlestar Gallactica. I just have the hair and wings to back stitch!!

I made an executive decision today not to enter the baking categories I'd planned on in the FREX, I'm tired and don't feel like picking up the supplies and would rather touch up my other entries before heading over there tomorrow to drop them off. My heart just isn't in it this year (probably still suffering from the pre Alex is starting school jitters, 5 just seems to young to enter the school system). There's always next year :)

Matt and I headed up to the mall at lunch. I needed to pick up a present for a party Alex was invited to AND we needed to pick up another copy of World of Warcraft, Matt was heading there from downtown so he picked me up, saved driving the V6 up the hill an instead took the much more fuel efficient Corolla. I'm really hoping that the party's location moves to this side of the river, I'm not looking forward to driving across on Saturday especially where I don' t have any errands to run. It was nice to have some adult time with Matt even if it was in a mall (which I generally avoid).

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