Saturday, August 06, 2005

Presenting Secret Santa

Here he is, a little crooked picture wise but to avoid glare it's the best we could do ;)  Framing compliments of Elite Framing Moncton (now on the HIGHLY recommend list)
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Laural said...

He's Spectacular!! The framing job is beautiful Congratulations :)

Faith Ann said...

FABULOUS!! OK, I have to go through my completed projects and find one or two to have framed at Elite.

Great vacation pics too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Katie, that is so pretty! The faming is superb too.

I just found your blog while surfing through all the other stitching bloggers links ... nice to meet you :o)

Katie said...

Thanks guys!! :) I was so happy with him I almost started to cry, especially after some of the framing fiasco's in Fredericton.

Welcome little grey cat!! :)