Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Maxing and Relaxing

Well this week has been pretty restful :) The shopping trip to Moncton was the most jam packed ever. I'm soo happy with my Secret Santa, Elite framing truly went above and beyond my expectations (so much that I'm actually going to enter him in the FREX this year). I did most of Alex's back to school shopping while I was there, finding him an Incredibles lunch bag and a Roots back pack at the Costco. I don't believe in spending money on junky character book bags so I thought the Incredibles lunch bag from the Disney store was a compromise. We headed over to Betty Rubin's which was a huge disappointment, half the dresses were dirty!! I remember once upon a time that was THE store to go to. I did some dress searching on line and will be getting some quotes from Matt's aunt as I see she carries them in her bridal boutique.

We then headed for a quick trip to BYC and I picked up the fabric for Fiddlestitch Cottage's up coming Autumn Teapot and the Fabric for Heart In Hand's Christmas Medley. I also showed off Secret Santa and everyone agreed it's much better than the picture on the pattern. Then it was off to Carsand Moesher to check out stamps and scrapbooking supplies for invitations, as well as Atlantic Fabrics and Michaels. Unfortunately none of them had the Sizzix dies I was looking for and Michael's dies are ungodly priced, the only good Sizzix prices are on their Sizzlits letter sets when they're on sale. We also headed to Old Navy and I actually bought clothing for me, did our trip to Costco and I got my Kelly Clarkson CD which now has my three song limit and was disappointed when we went to HomeDepot and they didn't have the bathroom light fixture I was hoping to pick up. We wrapped up the evening at the Lonestar where I had some yummy fajitas and the best strawberry marg in the world ;)

I came home and stitched for a bit, the train is really staring to come along on the wedding, I hope to have that done tomorrow and take a break from the white and plug away abit at the flower girl. Today was pretty relaxed...made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up some necessities for Alex for the school year, I've never seen someone so excited in the underwear aisle as he was when he discovered they made Star Wars boxer briefs ;). After the rain let up we took Alex to the outdoor pool and swam for over an hour and then after getting him in bed we headed up for an hour and a half pre wedding work out. I have Matt checking into his works Weight Watchers plan to see if I can get some of that subsidized as so many people I know have had such good luck on it. I wish we could get out for longer walks in the evening or if there was a walking group in my area, I'd really like doing that at night (I was so tiny from all the times I had to walk up and down the hill in university not so long ago). Well, should go get settled in with The Wedding and watch Meet the Fockers :)

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Faith Ann said...

It sounds like you had a great day in Moncton! I want to take a day off soon and head there for a trip to the zoo and possibly some shopping.

I know what you mean about walking. When our boys were babies, my cousin and I walked *all* the time with them in their strollers and we both lost a lot of weight. Now that they are older they aren't content to be pushed around and if you walk at their speed you are not getting much exercise. (Plus, when we go for walks, we reward DS with ice cream which isn't really a good option!)