Saturday, August 13, 2005

Five Pounds Down

Omigosh, I need to go on vacation more often!! I decided to suck it up and hop on the scales yesterday, I started at 10 pounds over what I weighed before I went on vacation (was to Estey's fish and chips twice so I was worried), the scales made a definite thump...then tried 5 lbs over my pre-vacation weight, more thumping, same with the prevacation weight....and stopped when I was 5 lbs under!! This week I've been making an effort to follow the weight watchers guidelines so maybe that's helping too. Nothing is more motivating than the thought of 120 people seeing you in the world's most unflattering colour!!!

On Thursday my Dragon of The Deeps arrived, I was sooo excited. I'm hoping to put that in the 'taking a break from the Wedding' rotation as soon as Giggles is done. This week I've been working on my cousin's afghan and can't wait until that's out the door as I need to hole myself up downstairs as it's just too hot to work on upstairs :)

Today we're making a quick trip up to Grand Falls to see DFH's family. Hopefully I can fringe the rest of the aghan in the car ;)

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