Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Darn this ring, I think it's made me emotionally vulnerable. I don't remember being this nervous for a 'meeting' before ;) Last night was a stitchless night although Giggles is begging me to take a wedding/baby afghan break and stitch him tonight.

I rushed home as Matt had softball and wanted some food warmed up for pick up on his way past the house, being used to relaxed supper times from vacation I went out and finished mowing the back lawn. The one disadvantage of living with someone from the landscaping world is that they take pride in how thick and long they can grow their grass, so it hadn't been mowed since a week before I went on vacation. The two lawns usually take about 2.5 hours to do, this week they took at least 5 they were so thick!! (boring stuff huh??) When I came into the house to make some zoodles for Alex as our grocery trip was disrupted by the need to get Matt's supper ready I could not find my small sauce pan. I looked all over and couldn't find it. After softball I found out Matt had managed to burn one my super duper matching tfal set small pot, by forgetting it on the stove, even managing to burn the handle! I needed to go for a drive as I was bound with my nerves for this mornings meeting to blow things WAY out of proportion. First leaving my good cutlery at work (when there is a specific for work set), leaving numerous containers at work, including my good Tupperware brand divided dish now my good pot set (I'm a kitchenaid kind of girl, and take great pride in quality kitchen tools and matching too boot). The stove incident was just unsafe and he knew that so me going off on a tear wasn't going to help, although I did slip in a suggestion that he stick to microwave cooking ;)

D'oh I was hoping my blogging would get rid of my 'meeting' nerves. The meeting is concerning a bilingual openning, which shouldn't be a problem but my french is rusty, although we've gone into boot camp mode at home trying to bring my confidence in using it up to par. I can sit through someone speaking to me or reading literature no problem ;)

Well...here goes nothing...

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