Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Golf vs. Stitching??

Well here's one thing I never thought I'd be doing over stitching GOLFING! Especially where my son routinely beat me at mini golf at age 4! Matt hasn't had as much luck finding people to golf with this summer and my company was having a tournament. He didn't want to go where he didn't know anyone, so I offered to go to (secretly hoping if I tried golf then he'd try stitching ;)) So believe it or not, I'll be golfing tonight!

Yesterday's 'meeting' was a learning experience, it's hard to know what you little trivial information is just not coming back to you as quickly as you thought until you sit down and write a test, or how frustrating it can be to have someone asking you questions in your second language which you COMPLETELY understand however your tongue isn't cooperating in getting the answers out. Now I'll feel better prepped for any future 'meetings', the more I think about it the position wasn't really what I was looking for.

When I got home last night I baked some cabbage rolls and then headed downstairs after DS went to bed and stitched on an afghan for my cousin's babyshower in two weeks, it was just too hot upstairs to stitch on an afghan. Last night I finished the lettering "Bless this baby with love and laughter" and now it's ready for the bears and lambs to be stitched. After I finished the lettering I read over the weight watchers literature that I have and have been trying to figure out some smarter menu plans to slim down :)

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