Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Frog In The Jungle

There is one thing about having a healthy and gorgeous lawn that truly sucks, the amount you have to mow it!!! While most people on the block have theirs in the usual August slow down, maybe needing to mow every other week, ours was well up over my platform heels after only a week. So I spent most of last night mowing, and mowing, and mowing the jungle. I mowed pretty close to a garden at the side of the house and on my next pass I saw something jump (which almost made me jump, I fear wildlife). I stopped the mower as I thought Alex would like to see the frog. It's a good thing it was behind some of our ever greens because here's me inching forward REALLY slow to show Alex a frog the size of a loonie without it jumping on me. The frog would occasionally get lost in the grass I had yet to mow but when he'd hop on a mowed section he was pretty easy to find.

After a weight watchers friendly supper (who would have thought you could cook with diet coke) and bathing Alex, Matt and I watched the latest Battlestar Gallactica on tape and I worked on the afghan. I probably would have finished it had I not had the urge to run into the living room and do a quick dance workout :) I headed to bed at 10 (not accomplishing the wedding plan sit down I'd hoped to have) and flipped through some of my healthy cookbooks to try to plan next weeks menu. tonight hopefully I'll get a little bit more sleep & stitching :)

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