Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tropical vs Traditional

Well that seems to be the decision of the week. I'd mentioned the possibility of a tropical wedding to DFH awhile back (before I remembered how much I hated the heat) and I think he's secretly pining for one. I'm not nearly as sold after considering the chance my wedding dress could get lost...the long wait for marriage licenses to be sent and translated...having inlaws along on the honeymoon (eww, talk about killing spontanaity)...traditional is looking REALLY good right now. Besides what better dieting motivation than the event of over 100 people seeing you dressed all in white, the least flattering colour of all?? Now to try to sell this to DFH so I can call reception sites.

Golfing was actually fun last night, although next time I won't kill myself at the gym before going. It looks like such a laid back sport on tv, hah! I didn't get in until 9:30 after awards so I didn't do too much stitching, just hopped in the shower and went to bed. I think I'll be doing groceries at lunch so I can get some rest tonight and veg infront of a tv with the afghan and watch some Veronica Mars.

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Faith Ann said...

I just saw Veronica Mars for the first time last week... I really liked it!