Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Little Happy Dance

I finally finished the afghan last night at our local stitching stitching night...I'm sooo glad it's done, although I could only fit this part on the scanner, so you can't see the ladder laced border that's all around the afghan

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Last night was like a mini exhibition, I'd brought in my Secret Santa, Cathey brought in her Quiltmaker (I envy her frame) and Angela brought in her Angel Proclamation all framed by Elite in Moncton. There's going to be some really stiff competition in the cross stitch category at this years FREX!! Then Kathy had her Marjolin Bastin four seasons sampler in, simply amazing and Faith Ann had her Celtic Christmas and Potting Shed, I swear I could have spent all evening looking at the projects and trying to decide which one would be next after The Wedding!!! I brought in my Imagination Creation but completely forgot about it when I saw all of the others (and I'm a major sucker for bead work).

On the wedding front it looks like we might be getting closer to a compromise, we'll have to see ;) I'd really like to be able to set some dates (I'm a big party planning kind of person).

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Mum said...

It is beautiful--I am sure Stacey will love it.