Wednesday, August 17, 2005


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Well, we're at an impass.  I really want a church wedding and I'm getting no where with trying to compromise guest size etc to get that.  I was so frustrated last night I went to bed early and have been fighting through a killer headache today, drugs finally kicking in!  I'm sooo looking forward to getting out to our monthly stitching night and away from un pre-marital bliss.

I'm really hoping to finish up that silly afghan and get back to stuff for me, especially where I'm not in a stitch for others mood at the moment.  I definitely need some girl time to chill out.  Darn this weight watchers making sense, I've lost my frustration outlet of indulging in a max 5 bar!!!  Although at the rate this keeps up I might be able to move back to my frustration outlet of clothing shopping ;)  If only there were an LNS here today, they might just be taking advantage of my bad evening last night ;)

T minus 2 hours until we head out, I can't wait!!!


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Faith Ann said...

I love that pic!!

Fingers crossed that your wedding dilemma is resolved soon (the way *you* want it to be!).