Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy New Brunswick Day

Having a long weekend is sooo nice, it definitely let me recouperate from our reunion evening Saturday. I plugged away Saturday at The Wedding and was just about to start working on it again Sunday when the phone rang. Apparently I have a baby shower to go to in 3 weeks so I needed to at least get the ladder lacing done on the afghan I had hoped to have until October to complete. Baby showers aren't as much fun without a big belly to show off. So I spend sunday prepping the afghan (I don't have the pattern I want to do home and did all of the ladder lacing I wanted to do as a border.

Tomorrow we're heading for our annual mother-daughter shopping trip to Moncton. I thought we had enough stops already with the craft shops (and I need to pick up my framed Secret Santa) but now we've got wedding shopping to do ;) Mom is already surfing the net on Mother of the Bride duties, she secretly likes the acronym M.O.B. I'd also like to put my scrapbooking talents to work and make my own invitations. I thought after 6 and a half years the news of an engagement might not be as exciting, I'm pleased to report that was way wrong ;) Now to get back to stitching all the white on The Wedding...

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Faith Ann said...

I can't wait to see Secret Santa!!