Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Friends That Count

I am truly blessed by Friends That Count. First Angela helped me avoid an invitation for disaster and now Lucy's lent me the itty bit of Kreinik I need to finish my stiched /unframed entry for the FREX that's due in Wednesday or Thursday. Thankfully I'm heading over to the Ryan's to stitch tonight so it probably will get done ;)

Last night was a stitchy night after I leveled Katiebelle (my world of warcraft, don't even ask..., human warlock) up to level nine. I have another warlock character called Mirabilia, I was hoping to have Matt run around this little make believe world professing his love for Mirabilia but he caught on that it was a cross stitch designer, d'oh....back to stitching...At 9:00 I resumed my stitching spot in front of the television and got quite a bit of stitching in on The Wedding while watching Prison Break (imo a VERY promising show, I adore the actor that used to be in John Doe). All of the white isn't as tedious as it may look...yet! I really need to get around to scanning a picture of my progress.

On the book front Chapters FINALLY got a copy of Roald Dahl's The Witches in on Sunday and Alex and I picked it up, as much as we liked the first Lemony Snicket book it's nice to take a brief break from that bleak world. After two chapters down Alex is absolutely enthralled with the book and the subject of witches :) I think he'll be getting The Fantastic Mr Fox for Christmas.


cathymk said...

I love the warlock called Mirabilia! My Joel (DH) was playing World of Warcraft too... such an attractive game, the graphics are lovely. I never started because we'd have to fight for time on the PC and I suspect I'd stop stitching, blogging and become obsessed!!

Katie said...

Oh Neat, what server is he on?? Matt wanted to upgrade so I took the older super PC so I could have a dedicated PC for scrapbooking/photo editing and blogging so there's no sharing problems anymore. Poor Alex almost had a heart attack though the first time we were on together and he saw our characters talking to each other on the two monitors ;)

cathymk said...

Joel gave it up - I think he had some issues with the game play - don't know what exactly. He's playing another online game called EVE now - which looks really boring to me - it's just trading and space battles.