Monday, August 15, 2005

Weekend Report

Well we travelled up to Grand Falls this weekends. I spend the trip down fraying the baby afghan. We arrived in Grand Falls and went to see Matt's mother at the Museum and Farmer's market. Some moronic group was having a voluntary toll on the broadway (which isn't too voluntary when they're walking right up to your car) backing traffic up. Normally I don't mind fundraising activities, however being slightly environmentally aware and having gas in that area at 1.049$ a litre I didn't appreciate being forced to idle the car. I think they might have even been some sort of wildlife/wilderness group too...

Anyway, we got to market and thankfully I'd had enough points saved up through the week to get a sausage. Although Matt's mom loaded up on food for the weekend eventhough I kept trying to explain that I was watching what I eat, I have no willpower when it comes to sticky buns!

In the afternoon I went to Matt's aunt's bridal shop and found THE Dress (mind you the the picture and the pose are worse than the pictures put on the Mirabilia models, it just doesn't show how pretty it is and that the straps are actually double straps), Matt dropped me off there alone (yay, as no one warned me that they'd be helping me get dressed) and I walked back to the house to make a dent in that sausage from earlier.

It was really muggy Saturday night and I had to keep putting the afghan down that I'd been working on, although I did finish the regular stitching Sunday (and realized I forgot to pack the backstitching colours). Sunday we 'broke into' the garage as Matt's dad had the keys with him in the States, we desperately needed his pressure washer!! Matt and I figured out how to disable the latch on the screen in about 10 minutes and we dropped Alex in to unlock the door for us. I think I scared Matt when I pointed out it would only take about 5 minutes to unscrew the door to break in, I'll never understand why shed doors have hinges with accessible screws on the outside. I know if we ever bought a 4 wheeler or a new snowblower we'd be redoing the door hinges really quick!! We headed back home after supper and I managed to unpack and get a load of laundry in and the dishwasher unloaded before mom arrived with the ladder so we can fix a couple of shingles and some stuff for freecycling :) It was so nice to have her over for a visit :)

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Faith Ann said...

I *hate* those tolls! I don't think they should be allowed...they NEVER feel voluntary to me.

Sounds like you had a nice weekend...and what luck to find your dress so soon! It's beautiful!