Friday, August 19, 2005

Eight Down!

Well after today's weigh in I'm officially a total of 8 lbs lighter since the engagement, it's really nice moving the scale to what it was the week before and have it thump being too heavy and all. Yippee!!

Last night was Alex's last soccer practice of the year. It was neat to see the progress they'd made on the second lot with some playground equipment installed and Alex was very pleased with his participation medal that he's still proudly wearing today. They even had cake for them! I was so impressed. Especially considering that the league he's in was more of a grassroots league started to lessen drives into the city and giving us parents a chance to meet neighbors, it's really hard to get a grasp at just how many people live in the area when all of the houses are on a minimum 1 acre lot. I'm really glad we moved to our (not so) little community just 7 minutes to the mall inside city limits.

After soccer we rushed over across the river to watch the local ball team play in the play offs. It was really fun although I don't think I'll sit my son that close to the bullpen again ;) It was really odd being in the stands as our team was playing my 'home' team, anytime a disgruntled fan would yell something at the visiting team I'd be sitting there 'well actually he is a really nice person'. I kind of felt like a traitor sitting on our adopted 'hometown's' bleachers. Matt and I have been following a reality contest, part of the reason we ended up at the ball field and when I was scoping out clues I couldn't get a good look from our seats so I decided to take a walk. When I came back my son asked me very loud if I'd #1 or #2 (a wee bit more graphic than that) while I was gone, assuming I'd been in the lou. I wanted to die. Where we'd had such a busy night we headed home after the 6th and ALL went to bed.

This weekend looks pretty quiet, just a baby shower to go to and hopefully stripping the deck. I'm really hoping to get some stitching in on Giggles and work on the Nashville Fairy on Dragon Dreams Stitch Along Sunday. Here's hoping!

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