Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Finally, A Stitching Night!!

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Hanwell's 5 and Under Soccer Stars!!!

It seemed like forever and a day but I finally got a stitching night in last night. Alex recieved a birthday invitation for his friend's party Saturday and was driving me batty about details from 5 until 7:30 (when we decided to accelerate bedtime). "Hurry up we're going to miss the party" "Is Saturday after Tuesday" "Mom we need to pick up a present" "I like Star Wars can we get Tim General Grievous" and on and on and on....... So after he had a bath we finished of The Bad Beginning and sent him to bed. Matt and I worked on the deck for about 40 minutes taking even more paint off of it and after making the beds up in the guest rooms I sat down for some well deserved stitching time. Although my frustrations were showing a bit and I have to frog the little section I did on the flower girl as she's two columns off. I should be able to finish off the 'train section' tonight. All of the white really isn't that bad to work with, I can trade off the boring aspect of it with the lightening fast results, especially if you're filling in like I've been. I've been seriously debating purchasing Lori Birmingham's Wedding Pillow as I just love doing hardanger, I did already order the unity candle wrap from BYC in Moncton. Thankfully the candle wrap should work up fairly quickly.

I missed Giggles a bit last night but knew I should probably get my butt in gear and do a bit more on the wedding where I wasn't sick to death of it yet. Why can't I get paid what I do now to sit home and stitch ?? ;)

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Faith Ann said...

Great picture!

Hmmmm, a salary to sit home and stitch...sounds great!