Thursday, September 01, 2005

Dragon Dreams Happy Dance

Now if I only drank coffee...

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Here she is, the Nashville 05 Morning Fairy stitched on Sugar Maple Fabrics Lilac Blooms!!

So...I had a little happy dance last night, I finished her just in time to put her in the FREX at lunch. A special thanks to Angela who took the picture for me, as our scanner drivers weren't intalled on the new pc, sigh... We had a relatively quiet night last night, providing we ignored the severe wind storm outside. Why is it that men open the windows and leave them open over night when it's so windy. After being woken up by the blinds for the umpteenth time I woke Matt up to go close the windows.

I can't believe today is Alex's last day in full time daycare, what am I going to do with myself in the morning?? It seems like just yesterday I was lugging this little infant in a snowsuit up to Tracy's old place with all his premaid bottles (I think or did I just send formula...) Tonight should be a stitchy night after groceries and until mom arrives...although I should mop the floors. I'm really looking forward to a somewhat slack weekend besides heading to an impromptu birthday party on saturday (and he hasn't even started school yet!).

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Faith Ann said...

What a cute finish... Good luck on all your FREX entries this year!

Have a great weekend!