Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Meet The Teacher

Last night was meet the teacher night at Alex's school, what a HUGE relief!! After two years of people continually expecting 3 & 4 year olds to sit quietly at extra curricular activities and chewing out parents when their kids aren't in a catatonic state 'they're going to school in the fall, you need to prepare them...', I walked in a room filled with the creative hustle and bustle that I could only ever prayed for. Gone was the image of desks lined in rows, bare walls and Attilla the Hun staring down my child all day but a loving teacher full of all the joy and energy that I'm overjoyed to say will be my son's first official teacher. I'm so glad we pushed to get him moved to an out of zone school, his zoned school wasn't nearly as warm and inviting.

After meet the teacher I headed home, after signing up for what volunteer activities I could fit into the schedule), showered and stitched while watching Bones (and taping House and Supernatural for tonight). With this new schedule I've definitely been hitting the pillow at 10 on the dot much more religiously.

Tonight will be grocery night...yay! Not! Usually we head out Thursdays but scrapbooking is finally starting back up, double yay so I've moved it. I'm hoping one of the local newstands has the new ornament issue out or I'll be extremely disappointed ;) After either painting or mowing, weather permitting, I'll finally get some more stitching in...that is if I can move my arms after heading to the gym's body pump class!!

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