Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Where Are My Brother And Sister? (and JCS mania)

If it isn't bad enough that people put their two cents in looking for a sibling for Alex now Alex himself is asking when they're going to arrive...hah! Yesterday when we arrived home he was mad at me for not picking his brother and sister up, little does he realize what the odds are of fraternal twins, let alone the 9 months gestation and the fact we'd actually have to be trying to have more kids which definitely isn't happening until after the wedding. He's tired of only being a big brother to a cabbage patch kid ;)

JCS mania has hit Fredericton, I went up to the newsstand on break but all copies were spoken for, sigh... I think chapters has made it on my boycott list after my experience there, "well as I told you early no they're still not in" Hello?? I haven't been to the mall in over a week...maybe longer, I'm not their often. Besides which there's no need to be rude!

Tonight's stitching night and I cannot wait, just the way to finish up my last couple hours at 27 :) I'll be bringing my wedding progress but probably only working on finishing up Christmas Medley, I can't wait :)

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Faith Ann said...

I bet Alex is a great big brother for the Cabbage Patch kid! At least you know from his question that he's open to the idea of having a sibling :)