Monday, September 26, 2005

A Weekend in Review

Well here it is Monday, all so soon!!

Thankfully our weekend didn't turn out as crazy as it could have. Mom and dad had planned a visit for mine and my brothers birthday weeks+++ ago and Thursday night the FFIL calls and says he's staying at our place Friday, we were ticked, no "have plans", no notice, nada. I could hear Matt's end of the phone conversation and was steaming in my stitching seat, it definitely wasn't the way I was planning the end of my birthday evening that's for darn sure. Not that I don't like company, that wasn't the issue, I just don't want to have to juggle it and where my parents had planned so far in advance it didn't seem fair to even ask that of them.

Friday evening my parents arrived and I don't know who was more excited, Alex or me ;) Matt wasn't feeling good at all so we were out of his hair. Saturday I got up and stitched for a bit on the Paws Off ornament and then Dad came over to play with Alex and mom and I went MOB dress shopping which was fun. For supper we headed to my grandmothers for a baked bean/ham/potato scallop/beef casserole/meatball supper with my mickey mouse birthday cake and an icecream cake for Steven, it was really fun. Matt headed home and Alex, Pappy and I went swimming. Alex loved the opportunity to go down the water slide on his own. His floats have improved significantly and he can now swim about 15 feet before hopping off the bottom and starting again, yippee. It was a late night but well worth it.

Sunday morning I stitched for a bit and leveled up one of my WoW characters. After lunch Alex and I headed to the mall to see mom and dad before they left, shopping is so much more enjoyable when you're with someone that wants to shop instead of "are we done yet, that store wasn't on the list, etc, etc". When we got home the lawn mower was out with it's brand new spark plug and working like a charm again *phew*, I spend the next 2+ hours mowing. I could feel it running low on gas so I stopped and weeded. Alex helped lug lilly stems to the 'compost pit', I've been trying to build up an area so no water gets on our lawn during the spring. We then moved to the back garden and I started deadheading some flowers, while Alex threw the rocks and twigs that had fallen in the garden into the woods, I then pulled out some ferns when I heard a shreik! Poor Alex had pulled something with a thorn! He's out there yelling 'you're killing me!' as I'm applying pressure to the wound and marching him into the bathroom. I had him lay on the floor and had his arm up in the air putting pressure on it with a towl and after 10 minutes (of being screamed at) I called Matt in from painting and loaded Alex in the car as the cut would not stop bleeding.

When we got to emergency is Alex not shreiking 'you're killing me, I'm going to die' the whole way in, even past the RCMP officers that were there. Thankfully they ignored it ;) The nurses patched him up with some glue and some steri-strips avoiding the inevitable stitches I would have had to have had 20 years ago, phew! Now he's good to go. After some, 'you did so well' tacos Alex headed to bed (he was so thrilled that the dressing on his finger meant he couldn't have his usual bath) I settled in to the stitching corner and almost finished Paws Off! while watching Supernatural, Lost, cold Case and my favorite Desperate Housewives. I liken myself to be Brie's prodige ;) It was uncanny how much I related to she and her MIL (who looked alot like my FMIL) during the eulogy talk with the minister, I never thought I'd be ok with Matt's decision to be cremated until I saw the whole scene with the tie and all the junk in the casket, I think if that happened to me I could pull a Brie ;)

There's nothing on the plans for tonight besides brushing up on some Oracle and then stitching. Monday is my downtime on the tv schedule and where I got caught up on my shows I think I'll be heading to bed early!!


Faith Ann said...

I'm tired just reading about your weekend... sounds like a great one (except the trip to the ER).

My son had to have the glue and steri-strips on his forehead a year ago... much nicer than stitches!!

Shannon L. said...

Definitely better than stitches. *shudder* Sounds like a good weekend (minus the ER visit, for sure)