Thursday, September 08, 2005

First Trip on the Bus

Well this morning was Alex's first official trip on the bus to school, he took the bus with Kayla and Shelby this morning although he's going to have to take the stop closer to the house tomorrow. He was sooo excited :) I followed him to the school to get a couple pictures and left as they were lining up, while some of the kids were crying he was waiting to get upstairs to his classroom.

Last night was a stitchy night, after talking on the phone with Eleni and planting some bulbs for a bit I popped in The Notebook and stitched on The Wedding. I had intended on going back to SB's Baby Bug Ball but couldn't find the chart and didn't want to spend alot of time looking for it so it was back to old faithful.

Tonight should be a stitchy night with Veronica Mars and the OC starting back up, hopefully we can finish the last of the prep work on the deck so we can finish that project up. Although it all depends on how much energy I have left after groceries ;)

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