Monday, September 12, 2005

A Weekend in Review

Wow, for the first weekend in forever I haven't had something scheduled, since the beginning of August it's been Miramichi weekend, Miramichi Weekend (both vacation), Grand Falls weekend, baby shower, birthday party, birthday party and so on and so forth, ughhh... You would think it would have been a quiet weekend hah! Matt had a ball tournament so I was up making lunches at11:00 Friday, Gatorade is much cheaper by the can (and water bottles breed in our basement) and I made him some salmon sandwiches so he wouldn't have to drive around to buy lunch. Saturday Alex and I did alot of laundry (need to take advantage of sunny days for outdoor drying) and sanded the deck while Matt was gone. Sunday was SUPPOSED to be the first day of Sunday School according to the bulletin but it was only registration so I had Alex all through a Morning Prayer service at church which he was amazingly good for (especially since its one of the longest and dryest services possible....give me the BAS anyday). On our way home I collected my Frex entries and then gassed up, ouch!, and headed home to paint some of the rungs of the deck. What's done looks so much better, and Matt pulled off the rotten post toppers too which makes me VERY happy.

With all that you'd think I wouldn't have had time for stitching right?? Well, I definitely didn't get as much done as I would in the winter months (there's just so much to do outside before it starts snowing, especially when you have a lawn that hasn't read the memo that it should only grow enough to require mowing every other week) but I did get some work in on the wedding. I should be able to post some progress tonight as I finally got the scanner installed. I plan on working on it tonight as I need to get caught up on my episode of Prison Break from last week.

For tonight I'm hoping to get the front lawn mowed before supper(now that I get off work at 4:30) and hopefully paint some more rungs on the deck if Matt can watch Alex in the tub. Then it'll be parking my butt for a well deserved stitching break (and wondering when I'm going to get the remainder of my fall bulbs in ;))

And finally here's wishing the Dragon Lady (aka: Jennifer of Dragon Dreams) a very happy 40th birthday!

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