Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First Day of School

There's nothing like waking up to your son's first day of school sick as a dog. I felt rotten Monday night when we got home and after a sleepless night I took the day off as the prospect of making up 2 hours was stressing me out even more. Alex did great, as soon as we walked into the library where the kids were meeting Alex's jaw dropped when he saw a boy in the back with a star wars back pack, lunch bag AND sneakers. I half expected him to start worshipping him there on the spot. Alex had been waiting to get to school since 6 am so when 9 am rolled around he was set on learning and was a bit disappointed it was going to take an hour before they even got to see the classroom. Poor little guy. He came back at 11 very happy and sweaty and can't wait until his first full day on Thursday.

As for the weekend it was pretty chaotic. Alex had a birthday party across the river to go to (yay at 139.8 a litre) so while he was there Matt and I picked out the paint for the deck and got some sealant for the two or three loose shingles on our roof. We spent most of the weekend outside either working on the deck or mowing. When I was mowing Sunday something started moving on the lawn, which was later determined to be a mole. I was soo scared that I put off moving one of my perennials as its last known location was in the same garden. I'm such a chicken! Monday I did manage to move the perennial (alot more work than it sounds, I must have looked really cute running across the front lawn with this 30+lb plant in my arms and doing the shot put to get it into the hole I seems to have survived). Then we went to the Frex with my brother who was up/down from Ottawa. I placed 5 for 5 with two seconds and three thirds, yippee! I was disappointed at the fees for the rides this year, had I had known that it was bracelet day all week I would have went that route instead...mind you it did get us out of there before 5 like I'd hoped. After the Frex we went across the river to celebrate my grandmother's 85th wonder I was exhausted ;)

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Faith Ann said...

You did better than me...if I saw a mole, I'd run screaming into the house and would stay there!

Congrats on all the FREX wins!!