Friday, September 16, 2005

Under The Weather

Well, I have definitely felt better. It seems the boys decided to give me their cold, sigh... I felt so rotten last night I didn't even get to scrapbooking. Last night I whipped out my looneyspoons and crazyplates cook books and made a maple pork loin roast and crispy herbed sweet potato medallions, where this was all new to us I made Alex his own plate. Surprisingly he ate almost half of Matt's sweet potatoes after trying them and at least a quarter of Matt's serving of pork, he asked for more until it was all gone. I'm really liking the fact that he's not such a picky eater anymore.

After Alex's bath, bedtime story and bed, and a load of laundry I curled up and unpicked part of the christmas tree I had done for the Christmas medley, picking out hand dyed stitches are no fun whatsoever. I logged in to warcraft for a little bit but quickly grew tired and headed to bed.

There's nothing on the agenda this weekend, I'm not feeling up to too much anyway so it'll be a good time to get some stitching in ;)

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