Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Paint, Paint and more Paint

Next time I think I'll listen to Matt, redoing the deck has been a HUGE job. We are finally done the railings (minus some touch ups) up to the deck, for those wondering why it took so long we have a raised ranch style house, imagine a split entry with the doors on the top floor...alot of stairs... To say the least it's looking much better!! I started after work and Matt finished it up after supper when I was working on a little homework and bathed Alex, who went to bed early as some medicine I gave him made him pretty drowsy.

After all of the work was done, lunches maid, dishes churning away in the dishwasher I settled down with my cross stitch and watched a taped episode of Battlestar Gallactica with Matt, then I caught the Prison Break I missed last week and set the VCR to tape the new one as I was pretty beat! This morning Alex was up bright and early, somewhere in between the time Matt's alarm goes off and mine and was at the bus with plenty of time to spare. I'm liking my new work hours and the fact that I now get home before 5, Alex however is not happy that I'm interrupting his usual play time with the girls after school to pick him up ;)

Tonight is Meet the Teacher at the school, we haven't quite figured out how we're going juggle not having a sitter and the fact that both of us would like to go (maybe take turns in the playground with Alex) but it should be interesting none the less.

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