Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A PJ Weekend and 16 lbs :)

This weekend was a PJ kind of weekend, I don't think I was out of mine unless it was to change into a fresh pair or shower. Just what the doctor ordered ;) I swore to myself Friday that no matter how much better I was feeling I was not going anywhere all weekend to give my batteries a chance to stay recharged. Although this didn't equate to me sitting on the couch all weekend, I got out my new brad setter that my brother had picked up from Lee Valley and finally put our family portrait we had done this spring up, played about 10 games of go fish and monchichi's, put the canvas day to day organizer in Alex's closet and did some of the little puttering around that had been put off fo a long time. Oh...I also got some stitching in ;) Friday I made some more headway on The Wedding, Saturday I stiched in between puttering and WoW to stitch in some of the wording and gifts on Christmas Medley and watched Guess Who? then on Sunday when I wasn't napping I tried to participate in the DD SAL but got halfway through my Christmyth when I noticed two major DMC's had gone AWOL, sigh...

Yesterday was a killer day at the gym with a BodyStep class, I think I was still sweating at 4:30 when I went home. I hopped on the scales and was down another 2lbs, not too shabby considering I delved into my flex points for the last two weeks. Last night I did a little more on Christmas medley, trained my WoW character in cooking and headed to bed early after watching our taped episode of Supernatural. I'm debating getting groceries today but I think wanting to go home and veg is going to win that battle ;)

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