Friday, September 02, 2005

Honey I'm Home

"My car won't start, it's falling apart, I was late for work and my boss got smart" oh sing it Shania. That has pretty much been my day thus far, the car wouldn't start, when it did start I got half way to work realizing that the car seat was in the back and that mom needed it, I let out a little curse at 129.9 a litre at the mistake I'd made, then I get to work and for 5 years I've been trying to keep duplicates out of the resource file and there's about 50 of them introduced by a code update!!!!!! Ughhh...Back to gas, I seriously wanted to go give the provincial finance minister a piece of my mind yesterday. In the paper the department was quoted as saying they needed the astronomical gas taxes for roads (17 cents a litre and then charging a blended 15% on top of that). Well Mr. Volpé here are my words for you, get off your butt and severely raise the fines on transport drivers who overload their vehicles and actually have them enforced and you'd lower the cost of road maintenance dramatically. NB's transport enforcement level is the lowest in the province and letting them ruin our highways is unacceptable to tax payers and with gas prices going up 20cents in one day there are sure as heck going to be more companies trying to squeeze more weight on their trailers. While your at it why not either tax or have a deposit on the studded tires that destroy the roads, and if your going the deposit route don't give a refund if they're past the deadline to take them off. I don't know how many times during the summer I've heard people driving around with them. *stepping off the soap box...and writing a letter to Mr Volpé, the local newspaper network AND my politcal party of choice, with a small child and lack of sufficient transit system not driving isn't an option *

Last night was a nice quiet night although I was running around until after 7. I did groceries after work and asked Matt to vacuum before I got home which he did, somehow that got him out of unloading the car (which normally wouldn't be acceptable but there was a christmas present in there that I haven't had a chance to sneak in the house), then it was make supper, mop the floor, unload the dishwasher and on and on....meanwhile the boys were relaxing, I was pretty ticked. However I refused to do anything after supper and stitched after mom arrived and watched Prison Break again! :) The Wedding is picking up steam.

Not much on the plan for tonight, staying very close to home :) If Alex didn't have a party to go to tomorrow we probably wouldn't be going out until the FREX on Monday. A good weekend for stitching and maybe painting the deck :)

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