Thursday, September 22, 2005

Merry Stitchmas! ...or Happy Birthday Me...

To the tune of Aqua's Barbie girl...

"I'm the Birthday Girl

In My Birthday World

Slap Down Some Plastic,

It Will Feel Fantastic!"

Yay! I got my JCS last night, yippee!! And today I bought some little birthday gifts to go along with it!! I'm definitely stitching Lizzie Kate's Sweet Christmas, Jeanette Douglas's Love Needleroll, Erica Michael's Merry Yule, The Sweetheart Tree's Holly 'n Hardanger, M Design's Joy, Shepherd's Bush's As Bethlehem Slept, Cindy Valentine's Sugarplum, Samsarah's The Stars are Brightly shining, Dragon Dreams Paws Off and Brittercup's Christmas Kitty (and prtty much everything off of pages 20-21). I so need to get a real tree and a big one at that! I love how my birthday coincides with the JCS ornament issue, love it love it love it!!

Last night was stitching night and it was so much fun! It as so neat seeing Faith Ann's Bittersweet Season, Giggles and what's done on Crystal Christmas, Angela's baby bib and all the other projects that were on the go. Of course last night was more about looking through the JCS and pointing out potential ornaments that would look nice but the photos were crap ;) Tracy also had her Fiddle Stitch Cottage Winter Teapot all stitched up and in (I LOVE IT) and I was so surprised to see a little present for me (Tracy has no idea how touched I was), it was her Autumn teapot that I've been dying for!

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This morning I heard Alex up with Matt long before he had to get up, he was soo excited that it was my birthday. He wanted to wake me up with hugs. I pretended to fall back asleep until my alarm went off and he bolted in, it was soo cute. I had lunch with Eleni and Jackson, so fulll...and rounded out my bridesmaid roster with Cathey ;) Now to set a date....


Shannon L. said...

Happy Birthday, Katie ! :)

I guess I have to drive to Fredricton to get my copy of JCS ? Quite a drive from Ontario .... but worth it from the sounds of it ! LOL

Have a great day !

Faith Ann said...

Considering you started the DD ornament *last*'re on your way!!

I forgot to comment on how much progress you've made on The's looking great... an ornament here and there should be a nice break from all that white!