Thursday, September 29, 2005

We Have a Designer!

After posting on a number of boards and here I finally found out the designer and the name of the design for the picture Karoline was looking for....Campfire at Pine Lake by Great Big Graphs!!

When I called to tell her the good news she got into the back story of why this piece was so important to her and I almost started crying. It was the last piece her aunt had stitched and was on display at her funeral, was started many times and apparently well blessed. The thought of my stitched work outliving me boggles my mind sometimes, hopefully it'll be inherited by someone who appreciates it. Then of course last night I also got my scrapbook out trying to decide what to do for tonight and there was a pictures of the leisure arts Last Supper that showed up two retreats ago with a little had been stitched by one of the girls sisters/sister in law and she became horribly ill with cancer and couldn't continue it with it 3/4 done. Apparently the rest of the family all got together and finished stitching it for her and presented it to her shortly before she passed away, I think I got teary every time I walked past that piece.


Faith Ann said...

That's great that you were able to find the designer for Karoline! I'm sure she was very pleased... I hope she is still able to get the chart.

You've had a pretty stressful week...enjoy your scrapbooking and stitching nights!

Shannon L. said...

Congrats on finding the name of the designer. It's an intriguing piece - and quite the story behind it. Glad to hear your meeting went well, and I"m sorry to hear you didn't get along well with the surgeon. I hope you find one that you like and can get a (better) second opinion.

Enjoy your stitching & scrapbooking :) Sounds like you could use a break !