Thursday, September 29, 2005

Stitching Goodies in the Mail

I was overjoyed to come home last night to stitching goodies in the mail. It's the first time I've ever seen the Needle Necessities Overdyed Kreiniks and they are gorgeous++. I'll be so glad to bring some of them in on our Saturday stitching day and divide them up for others that want to do the ornaments too. Now if only I could find my regular Blue is Blue from NN...

Yesterdays meeting went pretty well with the exception of one question which I promptly marched downstairs after and asked Matt the answer to. I sat for an hour waiting to write the tests for the positions I'd applied to getting very nervous as the one I wrote for Finance was pretty brutal and where I'd missed one question I was nervous about the second one. Well I wrote both which had an hour alotted each in just over a half hour so that was pretty good. Even caught one of my errors checking it over ;) So here are my fingers crossed as they all seemed so nice and laid back.

It was amazing the meeting went as well (imo) as it did I was super stressed+++. The appointment with the surgeon was aweful, I wasn't comfortable with him and he wants a 1 + inch incision on my breast for a 1mm bump. After crying half the night and morning I adopted the 'heck with that' and am looking for a second opinion and a dr that'll wait until after my wedding. For the ridiculously low possibility that its something other than a papilloma I don't feel the need to have that much scar tissue and under go general anesthetic. Now to book an apt with my dr to get a second opinion from a surgeon I like.

Last evening was pretty low key, I got caught up on my Smallville season finale and watched Lost while making a stitching shopping list and working on my Joy Needlerolls. They are turning out sooo pretty++. Tonight there's a Creative Memories scrapbooking night at Tracy's so I'm heading to that and then coming home to tidy up as Cathey and I are having a stitching evening tomorrow where our hubbies (or future hubbies) are out of town ;)

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