Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dear Santa, I've Been Naughty

Oh my goodness it is so nice to get home from groceries BEFORE 6 pm, and that was with an unsuccessful pitstop to look for the ornament issue, sigh... Last night I went to mow the lawn while Matt painted and the mower wouldn't start, d'oh! Hopefully it's just a spark plug *fingers crossed* I felt bad about not doing something (not that preparing supper, preparing the marinade for tonight's supper, bathing the kid, unloading the dishwasher and doing a load of laundry wasn't something) but I did go out and paint a section of railing after he came in for the night. That expensive PVC railing is looking really good at the moment ;)

Anyway, on to me being bad...after showering (a trip to the body pump class at lunch at the gym and all the running around the house required a nice long one) Matt met me at the bathroom door to see if I wanted to log in Katiebelle, I'd planned on working on The Wedding...Figuring that I could set my character to follow Matt's when they weren't in combat I started yet another project (as I said BAD). I figured in my down time if I had something that was easy to pick up and put down I could still get some stitching in while playing so I started Heart In Hand's Christmas Medley. It should be a quick stitch so I don't feel too guilty about starting it ;)

Tonight is a scrapbooking night which I can't wait to go to, my pages have been neglected lately!!

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Faith Ann said...

It doesn't sound like you were doing nothing!

Christmas Medley is sooooo cute, it looks like a perfect pattern to pick up for a few minutes at a time.