Monday, November 07, 2005

A Shoppy Weekend

Wow, I never thought I'd see that title. Years ago when we were poor and living in an apartment I seemed to do a heck of alot more shopping ;) This Saturday was the annual 20% off sale at the mall so I dropped in for a peek after taking the bottles in, visiting with one of the nicest wedding cake vendors around, picking up my frame and stopping by market. By the end of my little excursion Alex had two new pairs of Jeans from the Children's Place, I'd bought a Christmas gift for friend Shannon (from my brief Acadia stay) and her bundle of joy they're expecting any day now, a cute little christmas themed Christmas object to go with my brother's gift and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles playset which walmart had for 39.99 instead of the 59.99-69.99 Sears wanted for it. Yippee!

Sunday I worked more on the Dry Turkey by Raise The Roof that I thought I'd finish (but more shopping ensued), tonight though... We took Alex to Chicken Little and then I picked up my pants that I was kicking myself for not buying when they were 20% off at laSenza and got to show Matt what I wanted for Christmas in there (and YAY, I'm down a size in there). I definitely needed new pj pants for retreat, my pink ones keep falling off or are hanging way too low for public viewing ;) Matt took us to A&W for supper, which I just don't crave anymore so it was no biggie.

When we got home we started tidying up, which lead to an incident with the vacuum. Matt usually cleans an area then vacuums it, well Saturday he tidied the living room so I assumed that would be his first area of attack when he started the machine forward to Sunday where the machine still hasn't been going and Alex needs a bath. I got Matt to vacuum the hair and fuzzies in the bathroom before splashing kid was inserted and for some reason instead of heading to the logical area, being the living room, he headed to the hall. Not too long later I could hear a very ticked off Matt from the basement. Apparently he'd stuck the head of the vacuum into our room before it was tidied and he'd managed to catch the end of a spool of perle cotton and overheated the motor! I felt only slightly to blame as he knows he should tidy up before actually running the vacuum into a room (especially with Alex now playing with action figures and their itty bitty parts) but I bit my tongue and kept on tidying up. ;) He eventually turned back to a nice shade of human.

Tonight I need to ornamentify (which I'd planned on doing this weekend before shopping ensued), finish Dry Turkey and get packing for retreat. I can't believe it's only 3 more sleeps away!!! :)


Faith Ann said...

It's nice to have a shoppy weekend every now and again. Although, I typically don't like the mall on Saturdays, I was very happy to find some gifts on sale!

It sounds like Alex should be pretty happy you went shopping this weekend :)

Shannon L. said...

Had to laugh at the vac story. My SO sucked a sock into the vaccume, didn't notice it and then wondered why it smoked and quit working... I now do the vacuuming. ;) Is he smart or what ?