Sunday, November 20, 2005

A Weekend In Review

Sigh...where do the weekends go? We had a fairly busy weekend++

After work on Friday we came home and got Matt and went to Sarah's Sweet Delights to set down the ground work for our cake, next week we go for the taste testing to see what flavors we're putting on our anniversary layer and what's going on the gift openning layer (the lord beaverbrook has dessert included in the meal price so we're only serving the cake the next day). After we wrapped up there (and trying one of her delicious eggnog white chocolate truffles) we headed up to the Fredericton Mall to attempt to Wake Up Santa. Alex LOVED the magician's show (thanks Faith Ann for letting us know about it), although by the end of the night I think our eardrums were going to shatter from all the little kiddies eeks and shreeks at the magician. It was so cute listening to them singing christmas carols to try to wake up santa (he was REALLY in bed). Instead of waiting in the insane line we went and had supper and then came back for Alex's trip to Santa which consisted of "Hi, I'm Alex and I love Star Wars", only waiting about 5 minutes.

Saturday morning I took Alex to the kids crafts session at Kents where he painted a christmas decoration. Then we headed over to Green Village to check out the christmas decorations (I could so move in there), went to see my grandmother who wasn't home (while we were on that side of the river) and then headed into the dollarstore which had the folders that Karoline had at stitching night, they're too neat!! A duotang with 10 plastic page protectors that you can slide your current project in and out of (much more helpful when working on an SB). When we returned home I worked on Giggles and then took a much deserved nap. That evening we went to Williams for some fish and chips and then I worked some more on Giggles' beading. Oh...and I made three batches of playdough for Alex's school's Christmas Bazarre!

Today was also quite busy. At 12 I headed to Zellers to take advantage of the 10% off coupon Faith Ann had dropped of (thanks again) Friday and I'm now FINISHED my Christmas shopping (including stocking stuffers). YAY!!!!! When I got home and hid the stuff I then cleaned out the coat closet and sorted hats and mittens into some nice new canvas baskets I'd picked up while christmas shopping. Then I went out and put up the new hooks for my christmas lights and put the lights up on one side of the front deck (hoping Matt won't notice if I do them gradually). Now it's off to making supper and hoping I can finish off Giggles tonight, lots of tv involved so it's definitley doable :)


Faith Ann said...

Oh my goodness...those cakes look amazing!

Glad to hear that Alex liked the magic show, my son liked it too but he kept asking for Santa to come and he got quite impatient towards the end :)

*All* day Saturday (and I'm not exaggerating) we were told about Santa being pushed in the bed and that all the kids wore hats (reindeer antlers).

Shannon L. said...

Finished Christmas shopping ??? *faint*

I'm impressed !

That show sounds like it was fabulous for kids :)