Monday, November 28, 2005

Wild and Wacky Weekend

Oh my, can I have another weekend to recover from this one?? I arrived home Friday to end up multitasking loading the baked goods into the Corolla and making supper so we could be out the door at 6:30 (oh this also involved scraping the car). We arrived at the school with all of the goodies and I was amazed at how many women knew my son's name, I'm hoping that it's just because with his red hair he's easy to pick out in the crowd and not that he's been in trouble ;) After dropping off all of our goods we headed to Sarah's Sweet Delights and tested wedding cakes. I couldn't convince Matt on the maple buttercream filling but I do like our choices, a kahlua fudge cake with plain buttercream for the open house and an irish cream cake with wildberry butter cream for the anniversary piece (although I don't think we'll be able to resist it for a year!)

Saturday I woke up at my normal work time for some odd reason so I went out and worked on the band sampler until Alex got up, then I snuggled with him for a bit and after that put out the remainder of the outdoor lights. I can't for the likes of me figure out how we hooked them up last year with only the two cords so right now I only have lights on the deck, the deer and spiral tree will have to wait until I can get to the store. I didn't get a chance to put up the interior lights yet in the windows, I think I'll do that tonight.

After all the lighting was up we woke up Matt and got ready for the bazarre. Alex had sooo much fun and won quite a few prizes, I picked up some more books at the book fair and I got a quick look around the craft, playdough, second treasures and bakesale tables and then it was time for me to work the basket table (each class does up a theme basket that are raffled off). I sold tickets to one of our CBC television personalities and they sold out on my shift so I got to mingle abit more.

Finally in the afternoon I got to steam our carpets downstairs and pulled the affected area of the one in the guest room up and javexed it down. That was fun. After that we bundled up and headed to the parade. Matt took alot longer to get up from his nap so we ended up in parade traffic :( We were heading over to my grandmother's (just past the parade route on main st) to park so we took the ring road, only to find a HUGE detour that took us way out to the Lake and all in back of the mall, and eventually to the nursing home. I was a bit panicked so we parked in the church parking lot instead and rushed to brookside drive. Of course all of this was in vain as we were still 15-20 minutes early ;) Alex LOVED the parade, he was dancing and singing and wishing every single person a merry christmas. After the parade we did stop by my grandmother's to drop off her wreath and visited for a bit.

Sunday we awoke to a beautiful dusting of snow, although that meant scraping the car before church. I can't believe it's advent already. There were two little boys being baptized during the service so it ran a bit later than usual. The Sunday school now joins us for communion and after the service I think Alex had more people come to shake his hand than the minister (his hair seems to attract alot of attention). I had planned on going to a class at the gym but was too tired and took a nap. For supper Matt took us out to celebrate my offer to the Diplomat, we hadn't been there in years!! It was so nice to go out for a fancy dinner :) After Alex went to bed I wrapped up some more gifts and then stitched during Desperate Housewives (I so loved the part where Brie pulled out the shotgun in her best dress ;)). Now back to the grind...

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Faith Ann said...

Those cake flavours sound very yummy! Cake that's been frozen for a year (no matter what anybody tells you) does not taste as good... I'd definitely sneak a piece earlier to enjoy :)

I agree, that moment on Desperate Housewives was pretty good.