Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Nice Visit

I can't believe it's been so long since I got home, I've been a tad on the homesick side for over a month now, first it was soaring gas prices, then thanksgiving, halloween, retreat, bazarre...weekends really seem to be at a premium, so it was really nice when mom came over for a visit last night. While we were awaiting her arrival I made an Irish Cream Cake (omitting the nuts and quartering the glaze). It was sooo good, and now I also have some bailey's in the fridge to try out that commercial with the flaming marshmallow!! I love roasted marshmallows and I can only imagine how good it would taste to dunk a flaming one of those in a small glass of Baileys. Mom came with a new book for Alex, which almost made him miss the bus this morning as he was trying his darndest to read it. We had bought him a book at the book fair that between the site words he's learned in school and the occasional picture words in the book he can actually pretty much read on his own (proud mommy here!). Alex did read the story to mom, maybe to make up for his flying saucer almost connecting with her noggin ;)

Mom left shortly after Alex went to bed and I started the task of organizing the Christmas gifts that need to go home. The big gift for Alex went in the car last night but the rest are in two garbage bags and three shopping bags (stocking stuffers included and items that need to be set up before the big morning ;)). I don't know what I'm more excited for, the chance to go home or Christmas!! After doing all that and unloading the dishwasher to put another load in and tidy up the kitchen I stitched a band and a half on my sampler and headed to bed.

In other news I'm a great aunt...well not quite but as close as I'll get for awhile with my brother arriving home to find two new degus in the cage! Guess they weren't both male as the store keeper had said ;)


Faith Ann said...

LOL Congrats on becoming a great aunt! (I was wondering how that could have happened.)

It's really not much longer until you'll be heading home for Christmas... I can't believe how quickly November passed!

Shannon L. said...

ooo Only 2 ? We got a female degu... and 8 weeks later became grandparents to 9 baby degus. Talk about a shock... LOL Congrats on becoming a great aunt ;)

Wow, you're really all set for Christmas ! Must be fabulous !

And thanks for the link to that cake. Baileys ? Anything with Baileys and I'm IN ! LOL