Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Little Bit of Everything Looks Like A Whole Lotta Nothing

Last night I had great intentions of finishing Dry Turkey, not so. Matt did finish the vacuuming which meant I did get the kitchen and bathroom floor scrubbed and I did get the mirrors cleaned in the bathroom and did another load of laundry so I was all set to stitch after tucking Alex in. He had a time out handed out by Matt just before bed so I hopped in bed to give him a little tlc and to say our prayers together. After our standard Now I Lay me Prayer I did my own little one to thank God for Alex and when I was done Alex bursted into tears and said he'd been to the principal's office that day and on Halloween. The poor little guy was soo ashamed. So I stayed in his room alot later than expected explaining that he needs to learn to control his mouth just like he needed to learn control for potty training, that tomorrow is a new day and that it was very good that he was honest about it and that we still loved him very much. I calmed him down and stayed in bed until he was sound asleep.

I didn't feel like stitching much after that so I emptied out the tote for retreat and started packing. I logged into the computer for a little bit and then headed to bed, reading half a chapter out of the Order of the Phoenix and then turning out the light. Alex seemed in much better spirits this morning and I kept reminding him that today was a new day and after a whole lotta hugs he was ready to go to school. I was going to meet up with a friend for lunch today but she had to cancel and where I don't have my book on me I don't feel like running on the elliptical so I think I'll go home and do some serious retreat packing. I can't believe its only two more sleeps away!!

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